EFL メモ(EFL memo)

EFL のメモ用、Tizen もあるよ。(Memo for EFL, Sometimes Tizen )

Flash and Set up Tizen 2.0 Alpha


I often break Tizen image on Tizen Dev Phone. Honestly, I'm just breaking again today. However I often forget how to recover Tizen, otherwise I write a article how to recover Tizen for me.:-)

This article is written how to flash Tizen 2.0 Alpha Image to Tizen Dev Phone and setup environment of Tizen after flashing.

I write minimum information for flashing and setup. If you want more detail and latest information, please see tizen documantation.

Install lthor to host pc

Add Tizen repository

Add below a line to /etc/apt-sources.list of the host PC.
If you don't use Ubuntu 12.10, please rewrite it to your distribution name.

deb http://download.tizen.org/tools/latest-release/Ubuntu_12.10/ /

And resynchronize the package index files.

sudo apt-get update

Install lthor

Install lthor. lthor is Flashing tool for Tizen Dev Phone.
Exec below a command.

sudo apt-get install lthor

Download and Flash the Tizen 2.0 Alpha image

Push volume down button and power button of Tizen Dev Phone. And Tizen boots at Download mode.
Connect Tizen Dev Phone through a USB cable on the host PC.
Exec below commands on the host PC.
(TRATS-2.0A-tizen-2.0_20121203.3.tar.gz is the latest image for Tizen Dev Phone at the moment. If you want to use an difficult version image, please change URL of Tizen image.)

[host]% wget http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/2.0alpha/common/tizen-2.0_20121203.3/images/TRATS-2.0A/TRATS-2.0A-tizen-2.0_20121203.3.tar.gz
[host]% sudo lthor TRATS-2.0A-tizen-2.0_20121203.3.tar.gz

If lthor command successes, Tizen Dev Phone reboots automatically.

Setup Tizen

Enable OpenGL on Tizen

If you want to use OpenGL and WebGL, you need to replace userland Mali driver from virtual driver to Mali DDK.

Get Mali DDK from below URL.

Extract hw_accel.tar.gz and send Mali DDK packages to Tizen Dev Phone.

mkdir -p /tmp/hw_accel
[host]% tar xvzf hw_accel.tar.gz -C /tmp/hw_accel/
[host]% ~/tizen_sdk/SDK/sdb/sdb -d push /tmp/hw_accel /root/

Replace userland mali driver from virtual driver to Mali DDK.
Finally, sync and reboot Tizen Dev Phone.

[host]% ~/tizen_sdk/SDK/sdb/sdb shell
[DevPhone]% cd /root/
[DevPhone]% rpm -e --nodeps opengl-es-virtual-drv
[DevPhone]% rpm -Uvh --force *.rpm
[DevPhone]% sync
[DevPhone]% reboot -f

Enable Anthy(Japanese Input Engine)

Get anthy packages(anthy and ise-engine-anthy) and vlgothic-fonts(VLGothic is TrueType font includes Japanese glyphs) package from below links


Install anthy packages and vlgothic-fonts package to Tizen by using sdb command.

[host]% ~/tizen_sdk/SDK/sdb/sdb push vlgothic-fonts-20121230-1.noarch.rpm /root/
[host]% ~/tizen_sdk/SDK/sdb/sdb shell rpm -i /root/vlgothic-fonts-20121230-1.noarch.rpm
[host]% ~/tizen_sdk/SDK/sdb/sdb push anthy-9100h-1.armv7l.rpm /root/
[host]% ~/tizen_sdk/SDK/sdb/sdb shell rpm -i /root/anthy-9100h-1.armv7l.rpm
[host]% ~/tizen_sdk/SDK/sdb/sdb push ise-engine-anthy-1.2.7-1.armv7l.rpm /root/
[host]% ~/tizen_sdk/SDK/sdb/sdb shell rpm -i /root/ise-engine-anthy-1.2.7-1.armv7l.rpm

How to use anthy on Tizen at the moment, please see RPM packages of Japanese input environment for Tizen 2.0 Alpha - EFL メモ(EFL memo).


I'm glad if you will reference this article at beaking tizen dev phone.